Sunday, 3 July 2016

Day 28 - A Parlour Game

Parlour Games were very popular in middle-class Victorian households - especially at Christmas time. Here are two parlour games 

Up Jenkins

Traditionally this game is played with a sixpence although a 1p piece also works. 

Two teams sit at opposite sides of the table. Team A have their hands underneath the table and pass the coin between them. When somebody from Team B says “UP JENKINS” then everybody from Team A puts their clenched fists on the table.

Team B now has to work out who has the coin by giving one of three instructions:

Creeply Crawly Team A moves their fingers forward in a crawling motion

Wibbly Wobbly         Team A have to turn their clenched fists over for a moment and then back again.

Flat on Table         Team A have to put their hands flat on the table

Now Team B must guess who has the coin, but beware somebody on Team A might be bluffing!

If Team B guess right then it’s their go. If they get it wrong then Team A starts again.

Alphabet Minute

Have everyone write a general topic of conversation down on a slip of paper, along with a letter of the alphabet (e.g. Shopping F; Holidays P etc.). 

Pick a topic out of a hat. Now start a conversation with one another about the topic. The catch is that they have to begin each sentence with a letter of the alphabet following each other, beginning with the letter written in the slip of paper. They must follow the conversation through the alphabet. The idea is to get back to the original letter.

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