Thursday, 23 June 2016

Day 18 - Favourite 'Brain Pickings'

Poetry and Leisure

'Brain Pickings' is easily one of my favourite websites. It's beautifully designed and covers a wide variety of cultural subjects. It's put together by Maria Popova, a New York-based artist. She spends hours on this website every week and it has a solid fan base around the world (including me).

I've decided to include two 'Brain Pickings' that have really appealed to me. However, I do urge you to subscribe to her newsletter so that you'll be able to keep up with her work. The website remains ad-free but only because people make small donations.

Maurice Sendak (author of the 'Where the Wild Things Are') created some magical illustrations to accompany William Blake's series of poems known as 'Songs of Innocence'. It's the rarest of Sendak's published works and they're a real joy to look at.

Excerpts from a book published in 1948 by the German philosopher Joseph Pieper. For Pieper industrialisation created the phenomenon of workaholism (perhaps we call it presenteeism now) and that we have lost that essential part of our life called leisure. He does not define leisure as pure inactivity neither does he see work in a purely negative light. Much of what he says anticipates E.F. Schumacher's book 'Good Work' or his essay on Buddhist Economics in 'Small is Beautiful'.

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