Monday, 20 June 2016

Day 15 - Favourite Podcast

Podcasts from the BBC

Did I say I was going to tell you about my favourite podcast? Well, that's partly true. Here's a list of some of the BBC podcasts that I subscribe to. I don't listen to them all. I tend to go through them and cull the episodes that don't interest me. That does, however, leave quite a lot to catch up on. Thank goodness I work at home.

You can either click on download specific programmes or click on 'Subscribe' to get programmes automatically downloaded.
'Ramblings' with Clare Balding. Clare Balding going for a walk with various people and having a nice chat about this and that. Marvellous.
'In Our Time' with Melvyn Bragg. The seemingly eternal and omnipotent Melvyn Bragg talks every week with a group of academics on just about every subject you can imagine. 30 minutes on ancient Chinese law-making one week and the discovery of the neutron the next.
'More or Less' with Tim Harford. If you like statistics with a sense of humour then this is the programme for you.
'The Early Music Show' with Lucie Skeaping. If you want a weekly dose of medieval and early modern European music then this is your required weekly download.
'The Food Programme' on Radio 4. This is not a cookery programme (although cookery is involved). It explores the history, science, politics, culture and just about every aspect of food. Food museums, what to eat if you're an ultra-runner, the history of vinegar or the rise of food banks. If it's food-related then they have (or will) cover it.

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