Friday, 17 June 2016

Day 12 - East Anglian History

Radicalism in Norfolk

It might surprise some people just how radical the good people of Norfolk have been. Everything from Kett's Rebellion through to the role of rural workers in the development of agricultural trades unions and our part in prison reform and the abolition of slavery. Apparently William Morris, on a visit to Norwich, predicted that the revolution would start here. We're still waiting for that.

Anyway, here are three stories about radicalism in Norfolk:
An article about a vibrant socialist and anarchist movement in Great Yarmouth in the 19th century.
Wilf Page was a organiser for agricultural workers rights in Norfolk for many years. He was also briefly a County Councillor whilst a member of the Communist Party.
The history of the Burston School Strike is well-known. The longest strike in British history (1914-1939). It remains an inspiration for many in the labour and radical movement. The TGWU organises an annual rally at Burston to celebrate the strike.

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